Nov 11, 2012

They made a difference.

These people?  They rock.  
Thank you for your donation towards Kanani!

angel tree child: Miles

guardian angel child: Giselle

angel tree child: Emmitt

angel tree child: Finley

child: Yelena

child: Kolya

Want to be added to the above list?
Want to give your blog and/or your angel tree child some extra exposure? 

If you have donated towards Kanani during angel tree please let me know and I will add your name, blog link and angel tree/guardian angel child to the list!  

If you would like to gain a little exposure for your own child or blog please head on over to Kanani's profile and drop a few dollars in the bucket.  Then come back here and let me know.  I would love to be able to help each other out!

And remember, with a $35 donation ($27 going towards Kanani and the rest going towards shipping costs) you will get a beautiful photo Christmas ornament of Kanani.  Makes an awesome Christmas present!  Win/win.

 (scroll down and look for Kanani's picture)


  1. Donated. My AT baby is Finely! Thanks for the exposure!Finley also has an auction going on! Here's the link to that!

  2. I'm gonna go donate what I can right now :)Wish I could give enough to break all these kids out!(You can find Yelena's button/link on my page.)

  3. I just realized that Kanani is not in my album on facebook, so I will add her there too.


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