Nov 7, 2012

Things I loved about Phoenix

A weekend in Phoenix with this family (a place called simplicity) and warm weather? Yes please.

things I loved and don't want to forget..
1). Bike rides in the evening.  warm and fun.  plus awesome talks.  Makes getting jello legs worth it.
2). Hanging out with people my own age.  With the same passions as I have. 
3). Trips to Starbucks.  and the fact that I can't stand anything coffee.  Which makes starbucks interesting. 
4). Watching these children interact.  Their sass is hilarious.  Such awesome kids. 
5). Going to church for the first time in weeks.
6). Wearing shorts and sandals in November.
7). Seeing the miracle that IS Ruby Grace. 
8).  Smores and chicken wings outside by the fire.
9).  The insane amount of 'Charlie's' 
10). Frozen yogurt. 
11). Jumpstreet with Graham, Liberty and Emma.  I'm still sore.  "if you can jump longer then an hour you're super human."  "ok, lets jump longer then an hour and prove him wrong!"  10 minutes later and we are on the ground exhausted.  fun fun fun.
12). driving, driving and more driving.
13). Cactus's everywhere you look. 
14). Hanging out and talking with this girl.  Love her and am so blessed to have her as my friend.  Go and check her out! Em on a Mission.
15). Elizabeth's big bag of popcorn.

So thankful to have such awesome people in my life.  Sad to say goodbye.  But hopefully it won't be for long!

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  1. I love that you are friends with this amazing family. And love the passion you and Emma have at such a young age. You're truly gifts from God and I pray He will bless you both and give you the desires of your hearts for the passion you have for Him. May you see places you never dreamt you'd see, and do things you never could dream nor imagine. Serving HIM is absolutely amazing, and taking care of HIS little ones, priceless. Thank you to the both of you for being such incredible light in this dark world.


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