Dec 3, 2012

donate and win $20-edit

Giveaway is now over.  Carla D won the $20 donation to the child/family of her choice and she picked this family..Godone-maresca

Thanks everyone for playing along and donating to Kanani!

Trying something new.  Because I love this girl and I'm willing to try anything for her.

Donate a couple of $$ to Kanani (you can use the donation box to the right.  It will take a while to update the new amount) and I will enter you to win a $20 donation to the waiting child or adopting family of your choice. I'll draw a winner when she hits $200 in angel tree donations.  So go and drop a few dollars in her bucket, and then make sure to let me know so I can include you in the draw! It could mean $20 for you to donate as you wish to the child/family you are passionate about.

Kanani while I was at her orphanage in May.  
The thing this picture doesn't show is that under that blanket, her legs are stick thin.  Precious girl.


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