Dec 19, 2012

She ate a spicy pickle

Blown away.

For months after Gergana came home her taste buds were very sensitive.  We would have a little bit of pepper in our food and she would complain it was 'to hot'.  We have consistently fed her food with different tastes and she has gotten much better.  But nothing prepared us for this.  Today she ate a 'spicy pickle' (which, if you don't know, our family is mildly obsessed with.).  All on her own.  She just up and decided she wanted to eat one.  And it didn't even really faze her.  The facial expressions she makes in the movies are more her being dramatic than her being in pain.  Abby eventually joined in.  But it took her forever to finally eat it.  Made us laugh.

Impressed.  Blown away.  See for yourself.
[And please excuse some parts of these movies.  This is real life.]

[love how Gergana kept moving Abby's hair in this one.]


  1. this makes me so happy. :) her english is so good, and i'm so glad to see everyone getting along and having fun!

    what's funny, is that my siblings are the opposite. they LOVE hot food! especially the two boys. they eat spicy food all the time and they aren't even phased by it!

  2. hahah she is SO cute! And I can't get over her hair! Love those dark curls! She is gorgeous!


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