Jan 16, 2013

Meet the Kroll family || Reece's Rainbow adopting family

I was not going to advocate for any more children. No.way.no.how. I was done. But then there he was. Smiling up at me, so tiny, a bit of drool dripping down his cheek. And there was no way I could forget him, no way I could turn away. No.way.no.how. I was a goner. (check it.) He wiggled his way into my heart in an instant.

It was several weeks later before we got the word that YES he was adoptable.  So the advocating started. The yelling. The fundraising (remember Team Jacob getting pied?). I have talked with more people then I can count about Jacob. So many families were interested in him but none stepped up for him. I was just about to loose hope, I felt like people were rejecting my baby. I just couldn't understand why he hadn't been chosen yet.  But then it happened.

Meet the Kroll family.
They saw the little boy so many people have fallen in love with, and they said yes!  Everything makes sense now.  They are the perfect fit for my darling boy.  (Hello, they even have ponies for Jacob to ride!). 

Ben & Jen met in 1994, became high school sweethearts, and married in 1998. He works as a retail assistant store manager and she is a stay at home mom and artist. They have five great kids: Katlyn 15, Andrew 13, Emily 11, Faith 10, and Leanna 10 (yes twins!). When pregnancy complications became too risky, it became clear that to grow their family it would have to be through adoption. Over the years it became Jen’s deepest desire of her heart to be able to help orphans, especially those with special needs. After a few more years of prayer and hard work, God provided the larger home that they would need. He also provided the resources and support that they would need to adopt a child with special needs. In the fall of 2012 Jen found Reece’s Rainbow. As she looked through the profiles, one grabbed her heart, and she started thinking that it might be time to start the adoption journey. Unknown to her, Ben was thinking the same thing. When he saw the face of the little one she had fallen in love with, he agreed. It was time to go get their son. All of their kids are excited about the new addition to their family and they cannot wait to meet him. Both Ben & Jen thank everyone that has donated, advocated, thrown pies and prayed for this precious little boy. It means the world to them that others care so much for him. Without their help, they may have never seen his profile. They thank you for your continued support.
Check out the Kroll family blog here: A Sparrow's Nest

Helping these children find homes will never, ever get old.

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