Jan 20, 2013

one tiny picture

Her sweet face has been tucked into my Bible close to two years now.  Her sweet baby picture.  The picture I first fell in love with.  I remember the day I put her picture in there, it was the day I found 'her verse'.  The Bible verse I just knew was a promise that her time would come, I just needed to wait. It was a short verse, but oh so precious.

"I wait for you, o Lord;
You will answer, o Lord my God."
Psalm 38:15

At the time I had no way of knowing how true that verse would be.  A few weeks back a certain European country closed down adoptions to America.  S lives in that country, most likely already in a mental institute.  This change in policy forbidding Americans from adopting means that chances of S being adopted are slim and shaky at the moment.  Things look so hopeless.  But I'm clinging to the small bit of hope that that verse gives me.  Her time will come, I have to believe it.  Please, would you pray for a miracle?  So this girl will again have a chance at having a family?  So all the adoptive families currently in process will be able to bring their children home?  so much is at stake.  So much is uncertain. Please pray.  Thank you.
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