Jan 29, 2013

Penny on the window

In the winter when the ice builds up on the inside of our windows, we always pass some time melting that pesky ice.  I grew up doing this and today mom introduced Gergana to the fun.  And yes, it is fun. She is now officially as weird as the rest of the family. 

Our favorite method of melting the ice? A penny.  It's actually amazing to watch as the penny slowly melts the ice. We usually have a couple of pennies kicking around waiting to be used on some unsuspecting patch of window ice.  Don't ask me how it works.  I have no clue. Have any of you done this before?  Or is it just a weird family thing that we do?
 photo IMGP2647-1_zps1c4d46bd.jpg
 photo IMGP2660-1_zpse8ece6e5.jpg
 photo IMGP2661-1_zpsb909d038.jpg
Today at lunch...

Me: (Looking at Gergana)
G: What???
Me: You're cute!  That's all.
G: (head thrown back looking at the ceiling in agony) Nooooooooooo!!!

I forget what life was like before her. She has only been home 14 months but it really feels like she has been here forever.  She adds so much spice to our family!  I'm so blessed to be her sister.
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