Jan 19, 2013

Sometimes I pretend to be a photographer

Sometimes I take good pictures.  Sometimes I don't.  But I think this photoshoot was on one of those magical days that I do take good pictures.  And the snow was amazing.  Just saying
 photo IMGP2320-1_zps98f2a8df.jpg
 photo IMGP2330-1_zps60604fa7.jpg
 photo IMGP2343-2_zps965295cc.jpg
 photo IMGP2357-1_zpsf2112ef8.jpg
 photo IMGP2359-1_zps6153639f.jpg
 photo IMGP2361-1_zps2c6c7fbe.jpg
 photo IMGP2363-1_zps230c77b5.jpg
 photo IMGP2374-1_zps5f412fa3.jpg
 photo IMGP2387-1_zpsd77aa784.jpg
 photo IMGP2398-1_zps21910899.jpg
 photo IMGP2399-1_zps5cd1b382.jpg
 photo IMGP2419-1_zpsb24b3fac.jpg
 photo IMGP2420-1_zps2e398a51.jpg
 photo IMGP2428-1_zps7b3af227.jpg
 photo IMGP2429-1_zps5cf27816.jpg
Hopefully the good photoshoots will steadily out number the bad ones.  And yes!  I have become so professional that I started a facebook page.  Yay me! Check it - Yellow Button Photography.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Great pictures! Love the colour.

  2. You are a pretty fabulous photographer if you ask me!! I am a photographer as well and am not NEARLY that good; you must share secrets sometime! :)


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