Jan 18, 2013

We live in Canada

We live in Canada.  And yes, it does get cold where we live.  Some areas of the country have amazing weather during the winter months...we do not live in one of those areas. It gets cold here during the winter.  It's just a apart of life and we don't even think about it most of the time.

That's why we all about died of laughter when we saw this movie the other day.  I don't doubt those people are cold, it's all in what you are used to.  It's funny because we can't even imagine being this freaked out about these kind of temperatures.  We literally can not wrap our brains around it.

This week we have been having amazing weather.  It's like a mid winter thaw and we are loving it. The funny thing is that our temperatures this week is the same temperature the people in LA are freaking out about in the above movie (5-10C/40-50F).  But instead of "grabbing the dog to keep warm" this is what we are doing.  (and yes, the kids DID build that sledding hill in our front yard by hand. It's about 2x the size now!)
 photo IMGP2478-1_zps07ed4197.jpg
 photo IMGP2479-1_zpsfa3d0f23.jpg
 photo IMGP2502-1_zpsefe06b2a.jpg
 photo IMGP2503-1_zps1bd61a28.jpg
 photo IMGP2504-1_zpsfa1f25de.jpg
 photo IMGP2505-1_zps65c5dd25.jpg
Yesterday the DJ on our radio station was talking about the weather.  It is going to get colder again next week and this is what he was saying "Next week the high will be -15C (5F) so still not so bad.  Enjoy this nice weather!" Welcome to Canada. You guys down South amuse me.

I'm sure anyone living in a colder climate can agree that this is hilarious. 


  1. haha! I'm a Texas girl and that video made me laugh so hard! I will admit that we aren't as hardcore as y'all northerners, but still, we don't freak out over 55 degrees...usually ;)

  2. HAHAHA watching it in a minute... but, going from WI to KS... it is SOOO warm here. I went out to get the kids off the bus in a tshirt and wasn't cold at all. The bus driver is in a sweater and says aren't you freezing?? Umm no, I'm from Wisconsin! LOL


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