Mar 9, 2013

flip a coin

For the past several months I have felt like I was living in a fog.  I had no direction, no idea where to turn next.  I banged on doors but nothing opened.  I literally begged God for direction.  Any direction. I felt so desperate and it truly was a low point for me. Especially when well intending people would ask me "so what are you doing now?  What are you up to?  Where are you going next?" And I honestly could only shake my head and answer "I don't know!"

Finally [finally!!] the fog has cleared.  At least for the moment.  I am so thankful.  It has cleared enough for me to now see a path forward, It cleared enough to renew my shrinking faith and trust. The problem? I now have two paths in front of me. I can see both clearly. Both paths are close to my heart.  I'm passionate about both, I love both.  I want to go both ways.  Either way would be the right way to go.  I honestly believe that.  I don't think I would regret either path and God would turn either one into something amazing. I know that.  But how do I decide?

One of my oldest friends told me to flip a coin.  And I may have to take her up on that.  How do you chose between two pieces of your heart?  I just don't know.  But however this ends up, I know it will be amazing. Prayers for wisdom and direction would be grand. xxx
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  1. Wow, what a hard but exciting choice! One question I've always asked myself when making hard decisions is if there is one place where the need is greater. Sometimes that helps, sometimes it doesn't. I'll be praying you have wisdom in this decision.

  2. Oh my dear friend!!! I know what you are feeling! I had the same feeling deciding in Jan. ( you know what decision talking about ) I'll pray for you Joanna!! I know what your feeling ! I pray that you will have peace when you choose!! I love you Joanna!!!

  3. I'll be praying for you Joanna! We are very much in a stage of waiting to hear where God wants us to go as well, so I totally get this!

  4. Praying for you Joanna! These two places are always on my heart too... don't know how I'd choose!

  5. In the same boat right now. There is so much I want to do, so much I could do, but I have to choose one. Praying for you! Hopefully our paths will meet someday.


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