Mar 22, 2013

More on Shawna

Edit: I just got word that Seth [Shawna's brother] has been taken into domestic foster care. He is no longer available for international adoption and Shawna is on her own.  Shawna is still available for adoption and needs a family.

If you haven't already please go read this post: the fight is on. It explains more about dear Shawna and her brother Seth.  It's been said about Shawna..."She really enjoys spending time with younger children, the children that were the age of her brother. She takes very good care of them, she misses/worries about her brother very much but takes care of these other children." 

Shawna was born in November 2001. 
 photo 1818_2106_zps300bbe0c.jpg
[Shawna. 2010]

From a video interview with Shawna [translated from her native language].  I have seen this video and she was sweet. Soft spoken.  Reserved but confident. I honestly just loved her and thought there is something genuinely special about her.

Interviewer: What do you like at school?
Shawna: I like culture, drawing.
Interviewer:Why do you like those things?
Shawna:I just like them.
Interviewer: what do you do after school?
Shawna: I like songs. I want to draw, and to dance to songs.
Interviewer: Please tell me what you like to do the best?
Shawna: To dance.
Interviewer: Do you have any brothers or sister?
Shawna: I do.
Interviewer: Which one?
Shawna: A brother.
Interviewer: Is he older or younger.
Shawna: Younger.
Interviewer: Where is he right now?
Shawna: Thirty meters away. [I don't know what she means by this. As in the other video interview it was said that her brother is no longer with her. Maybe he has been moved to another part of the orphanage? Or maybe this interview was done before the other one...]

 photo big10-1_zpsf11d1c5e.jpg
 photo big09_zpsc1a50252.jpg
[fall 2012]

The video went on to say that she has a lot of friends and she loves to read. Her favorite character is Pippi Longstocking. She wants to be a hostess when she is older.  

The interviewer asked her what she desires the most and she answered "I don't want to hurt anymore and I want a family."
 photo 1818_14050_zpsfb4b855c.jpg
[September 2012. Beautiful and growing up!]

She doesn't want to hurt anymore.  She wants a family.  she misses her brother.  

Please Lord, bring a family quickly.

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  1. I will keep Shawna and her little brother in my prayers. Oh if only I could be arms of love for each and every little (or big) on who needs a forever family. Keep shouting out for them, I have shared this link on facebook. . .


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