Mar 12, 2013

The disappearing curls

Gergana has such beautiful curls.  As her hair has grown longer we thought her curls might start to grow out.  That did not happen.  She has the fullest head of ringlets I have ever seen and as her hair grows longer the curls just seem to multiply.  We are extremely in love with her curls don't mind that she has curly hair.

So it shocked us all when she came home last week with straight hair! She had been spending the afternoon with a special friend and they had spent over an hour working the flat iron magic on her hair.  Such a difference.  All evening she commented in shock "Look!  I'm brushing my hair with my fingers!" She looked precious. We all [including Gergana] love her natural curly hair. But this was just to fun.  Straight hair? I think she may start coming home more often with it.
 photo IMGP3387-1_zps0e75fab2.jpg


  1. She is SO GORGEOUS!!!! I love her!!!

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  3. She looks so grownup! Wow! But as beautiful as ever.


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