Apr 20, 2013

He's up and going

When I last made it into the city to visit dad he was trapped to his wheel chair. He had the ability to move around a little bit but the rehab therapist didn't want him walking around by himself just yet.  He wasn't steady enough yet and they didn't want him falling and hurting himself (turning a hard situation into something worse).

On Thursday Dad called us on skype and said he had a surprise for us.  But he wouldn't tell us over skype.  He told us we had to come visit him to see for ourselves what was going on.  Today we had some appointments in the city and were able to go in and see for ourselves.

Four days after I last saw him (where he was still in his wheelchair all day) this surprise was waiting for us.

Yes.  He is up walking with only a walker!  He has been given the green light to walk all over the unit just like that.  He can even shuffle around with out it for a bit.  Thank you for the prayers!  He still has a lot of hard work to do.  but the progress has been amazing! I can't wait to have him home!

Apr 12, 2013

hello finding a new normal

We are searching for a new normal.  Except we really are no where close to finding this new normal.

I was planning on working Wednesday and yesterday but was able to get those days off (so thankful as I was needed at home).  Though it was decided that I could go to work today and the family would manage without me.  Sadly things fell through at the last minute and it was a scramble this morning to find someone to take the girls for the afternoon.  Thankful for a friend who stepped up to take them.  Or else I would have had to take them to work or something.  Welcome to our new life. Lots of comings and goings and planning and stepping up even more then usual at home.  Everything has changed for all of us and there is a lot to work through.

Dad at the hospital is doing okay.  They are working him hard and he gets tired quickly.  But he is determined to get out of there and is as positive as ever.  Still no new movement in his left arm, it is very limited.  Can still roughly use his left leg.  Hopefully once he gets into rehab he will be able to work more movement.

We miss him here at home.  I just miss him.

And for family and friends wanting to know how he is doing.  Check out how he showed off his skills this afternoon.  He is so chipper.  It's just how he is.  The guy had a stroke and right away was still making jokes (the famous one about him feeling like the mayor of Whoville from Horton hears a Who is the best).

Did I mention I miss him?

I can't even think about my up coming trip to Uganda.  I've blocked it out of my thoughts for a bit.  It is so overwhelming.  I wasn't sure I would even still go but the very first thing Dad told me after his stroke was "Joanna you ARE going to Uganda".  Thankful for a dad who shoves me towards my dreams.  Even when I don't want to go.  Still not sure how it will all work.  I just can't even go there right now which is bad because I need to start planning.  Prayers please.

Over and out.

Apr 11, 2013

Stroke update

Hey all.

We are surviving.  Doing better then expected but the adrenaline is running out and here at home we are hitting some grumpiness   Thank you all so much for the prayers.  We are convinced that the reason things have progressed so well is because of all the prayers.  You will not convince us otherwise.

Tuesday Dad couldn't move his leg at all. Not even a tiny bit.  And it was looking like he would be spending at least a week in the stroke clinic if not more.  After he was stable enough he would move over to rehab  for another couple of weeks to a month.  It was discouraging to say the least.  We didn't know how much (if any) movement he would regain and just all the logistics were making our heads spin.

BUT we had so many people praying.  So, so many.  Thank you!  Not only did the prayers (and continued prayers) make a difference by themselves but hearing how many people were thinking of us was such a great encouragement to my dad and the whole family.  The phone literally didn't stop ringing yesterday there were so many people checking in on us.

Despite how grim things looked at first (Dad's stroke was actually classified as major) yesterday took a turn for the better.  He is able to move his leg again!  He is amazing all the doctors and is already working so hard to get out of there and back home.  Everyone is agreeing that he should just go right over to rehab!!  So they are working on getting him to rehab as soon as possible.  So thankful.

Again, thank you for the prayers!!  Only because of prayers has he gained so much movement back in such a short amount of time.  Like my brother said on Tuesday "well this throws a monkey wrench into our lives...".  But thankfully it is only a monkey wrench.  Counting our blessings.
 photo IMGP3775_zps3a760615.jpg
And when this baby girl went and visited Grandpa in the hospital.  She looked at him in his bed.  Sized up the situation.  And then waved "night night grandpa!".  we are taking it easy.  Hanging out together as a family.  Breaking some rules.  Eating to much junk food. (fyi.  If any local people want to drop some fruit off at our house we truly would not complain...)  Just trying to keep the peace.  Thank you for the prayers.  Please don't stop.  I'll try to keep you all updated.

And my mom who has been at the hospital has been updating her blog.  Check it out: krazy-love.blogspot.ca

Apr 9, 2013

In an instant your life can change

3:30 this morning (like middle of the night.  k?) my mom woke me up to tell me she was taking my dad to the emergency room and asked if I could please come upstairs and keep an ear open for the little kids when they wake up?  At first it was like "okay, whatever.  It can't be serious and they will be home in time for Breakfast." By 10am it was clear that this was serious.  One crazy and scary day later my dad has officially been diagnosed with having a stroke and has finally[!!] been checked into the stroke clinic in a nearby city.  His left leg is useless.  He can't move it at all.  He has very limited movement in his left arm and the left side of his face is feeling a tad numb. Thankfully he is talking and interacting just fine.  He will be at the clinic for at least a week, possibly more.

Remember I am heading to Uganda in exactly 22 days?

Please, please pray for us and for my dad.  He never complains and I just love him so much.  I am exhausted.  Physically and emotionally.  The little kids are holding up pretty good but they can feel the stress and are missing mom and dad.  Gergana especially has been very quiet today, which if you know Gergana is very, very unusual.  You never expect things like this to happen to your own family.  I don't even know what to think right now.  Not only is this scary for the right now but I have no idea what we will do from here on out.  Please just pray for us.

And on an off topic.  I'm very thankful for people who drop off chocolate cake at our house.  Which is almost as good as a cupcake. 
 photo cantbesadwithacupcake_zpsf35041e5.jpg

Apr 8, 2013

The truth about 50% of the orphan population||Reece's Rainbow waiting child

This statistic blows my mind.  Just think about it for a minute.
 photo 50orphanstatistic_zps9b26a693.jpg
And before you brush it off as 'sad' please meet Devon.  He is an 11 year old orphan living in Eastern Europe.  He has been listed for adoption for so very long.  He is one of those kids who I have watched grow up right before my eyes.  One of those kids I've posted about before here and there.  One of those kids with very little information and an old blurry picture. 

And if a family doesn't step up to adopt him in the next 4 years he will become apart of that statistic.  His chances are slim.  At age 16 he will age out of his orphanage and no longer be adoptable.  He will be on his own with no family or support. He will become a part of the statistic.

The thing is, Devon has more then one blurry picture now.  And we just found out we actually have another picture of him available!  It was a crazy miss-communication but Devon actually had two profiles listed (which means that he had an extra picture right in front of our eyes!)!  The two profiles have now been combined, because he truly is only one little boy!

Meet this handsome Love.  Devon.
 photo devonfromyulia-2_zpsb98ae274.jpg
 photo DevonSasha-1815_13804-1_zps4923af61.jpg
 photo DevonSasha_zpsd0066aa0.jpg
Say a prayer for him would you?  That he would be protected.  Emotionally.  Physically.  Spiritually.  And that most of all a family would step up to adopt him.  To give him the love and protection he deserves.

You can find more info on him and share his profile here: reecesrainbow.org/3459/devon2803

Apr 1, 2013

Memorial box Monday - The fight is OVER

Linking up to some of my favorite people.  No really. aplacecalledsimplicity.blogspot.ca


I have good news.   This is a post I am so very happy to be able to share. Yes.  This is good.

Last week a stumbled upon a couple of sweet faces.  I had seen them before but this time was different.  Who are they really?  Does anyone even know they exist?  How are they supposed to find an adoptive family with two sentences of information and an outdated picture? So casually (hah!) I did some digging on them.  And soon I had a ton of pictures, movies and information staring back at me.

(check it.  Here & here to understand who and what I am talking about.)

but the problem (because there is always a problem for some reason) was that I was not going to be advocating for anymore children.  I just wasn't.  Not now.  No. There will never be an end of children needing adoptive families and I had done my part.  I couldn't save them all.  I was done.

But that tiny whisper in my ear.  How can you keep this information private?  Just share it.  How hard is that?  Fine.  I'll share it but that is it.  I'm not going to push this time.  It isn't my responsibility and I can't make a difference anyway.  but fine, I'll listen and I'll share.

So I shared.  And right away I knew, I just knew, that because I had obeyed and listened to that tiny whisper I had just been allowed to be apart of something so much bigger then just me.

Information was found.  Heart breaking information, yes.  but information is so important when it comes to adoption.  And yesterday.  A week after I first obeyed and shared.  An adoptive family has stepped up.  Answer to prayers.

I am again blown away that I was allowed to play a part (a small part yes) in uniting a little lost girl with her adoptive family.  Blessed.  Thank you to everyone who prayed, shared, and just took the time to read and acknowledge the situation.  We can make a difference.  This is proof.
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