May 28, 2013

Enabling families to take care of their children with special needs

Some times the most refreshing thing is to hang out with families who truly love and care for their children. Especially families who love and care for their children with special needs.  Families that are doing their best to help their children grow and succeed, despite difficult circumstances.  In a culture that widely believes that children with special needs are a result of witch craft. So, so refreshing.

Some times though, despite all the love and care, families still need a little help.

Meet James.
 photo IMGP4466-1_zps1668fad7.jpg
James was born with hydrocephalus and just recently had his shunt surgery sponsored (International Voice of the Orphan)in a near by city.  You can read more about his back story here: Little James needs our help. He is now healthy and happy and finally starting to meet milestones a child without special needs easily reaches.

But James still is not walking.  He is close, however his feet are rounded in such a way that makes it difficult for him to walk.  Today, after several phone calls and meetings, Emma and I were able to hook James and his family up with an amazing organization. This organization provides physical therapy to children with special needs right here in this area.  It was exciting.  James loved it there.  The people were all so nice.  No prejudices or cold shoulders.  It was perfect.  And now we can step back and let this family do their thing.  They have the tools and resources now to provide what James needs.  He is going to thrive and I can't wait to watch from a distance.

This is something I love.  Enabling a family to take care of their child with special needs. It really is amazing. One less child abandoned to grow up in an orphanage.  One less child left alone.  One less family beiliving the stigma about children with special needs. One less.

Thankful for these brave parents. Just thankful.
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