May 2, 2013

Kanani's 5th Birthday. Answered prayer & peace || Reece's Rainbow waiting child

I am totally late with this post and am scheduling it for while I'm flying over to Uganda.  Better late then never right?

Starting in December I started praying that somehow Kanani's grant would hit $5,000 by April.  She turned 5 in April.  I don't know when but sometime in that month she had a birthday.  For some reason I just really wanted her grant to hit that nice number of $5,000 in honor of her day, and to help her get just a bit more exposure towards finding a family.  Once April hit and my plans for Uganda started taking form I realized that prayer was most likely not going to get answered.  But I kept praying anyway.

Back in January I shared how Russia closed it's doors towards Americans adopting their children (One tiny Picture).  Everyone hoped that things would change, important meetings happened between official people trying to figure out a solution   The outcome?  There will not be a solution   It's final.  And because there is no hope for things to reopen in the future, grant funds were moved from waiting children in Russia to waiting children in other countries.  Devastating.  I can't even imagine what the families already in process for these children are going through.  But beauty can come out of ashes. Confused yet?

I am honored to share that Kanani was gifted with my sweet Sophia/Shannon's grant money.  How much does Kanani now have in her grant?  A total of $5,312.  Yes.  Her grant hit $5,000 and beyond! And all though I wish the situation was different, I'm amazed how God can answer prayers even through a bad situation.

Happy 5th birthday Sweet girl!!  I love you so much and am praying for you always.  Hold on please. 
 photo Kanani.jpg

And as an extra bonus.  I have peace now about my Sophia/Shannon.  For the longest time I was picturing her in an institution with her head shaved, I was heart broken for her.  And all though I still want her in a family and will always remember and pray for her, I have peace.  I received some new pictures of her a while back.  And she seems to be doing amazing and is in a good place.  Praying that the One who loves her more then I do will continue to guide her and keep her safe.  And I'm still believing in a miracle for her future, that she will one day live in a family. My love. 
 photo sophiaM-1_zpsac7a74a8.jpg

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