Jul 11, 2013

We are hosting a love bug

After the couple of rough days earlier this week, Ruslan has settled in beautifully.  As he gets comfortable with us more and more of his personality is shining through and we are amazed.  

This boys if funny.  He is dramatic. He is amazing at soccer and has some crazy moves on the field. His has the biggest pouty lips.  He will sit and play with toys and uses his imagination. He loves music and has discovered our piano is the best toy ever. He is easily redirected.  The majority of the time he listens beautifully but even if it takes him a while to obey he'll get there eventually.  At night he crawls right into bed to go to sleep.   He has a typical little boy stubborn streak and teases the girls like any other boy would. He is clever.  He has so much potential.  

And he is a love bug. He's better than a teddy bear.

Enough said
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