Aug 10, 2013

He wrapped his arms around my neck

He was already tucked into bed for the night when I walked past his room.  

I heard a Russian voice call out "Joanna??"

So I turned and walked into his room.  His huge smile spread across his face as he sat up and stretched his arms out to me for a hug.  Except this wasn't a normal hug.  This was a hug that wasn't about to let go.  A hug that pulled my head down with him as he laid back onto his pillow.  Determined to keep me in that awkward position all night. 

He stroked my head.  Pausing every couple of seconds to giggle and say "Dobre utro".  Giggling even more when I would respond "Dobre utro?  No way!".

Finally he let go.  Releasing his death grip around my neck.  Flashing me another one of his charming smiles.

I blew him and kiss and told him "Lyublyu tebya" which he responded with his typical "blachhhh".  10 year old boys can't be all soft after all.  

Some moments just aren't replaceable.  I wouldn't want to replace them if I could.
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