Aug 7, 2013

We feel like screaming, our host child has to go back soon.

We have been hosting Ruslan since the beginning of July.  He came from an orphanage in Ukraine and stepped of the plane with a handful of things to his name and a shy dimpled smile.  We were strangers and knew nothing about each other.  We already knew we were going to try to find him an adoptive family.  A family that could bring him home forever.  But it wasn't personal.

In just 3 weeks Ruslan has to go back to Ukraine.  And now it's personal.

We still have no hope of an adoptive family stepping up for him.  Tonight as we were talking it dawned on us that he very well could be one of the children that goes back to the orphanage and slips through the cracks.  What if we can't find him an adoptive family?  What if we lose track of him?  What if even one more year in the orphanage hardens him?  It could happen.  It happens all the time.  And we feel like screaming.

However we won't give into the despair (not yet anyway).  We are trusting that someone will see him and fall in love.  Because he is so very lovable.

If it comes to mind please pray for a family to step up for this boy.  Our hearts can't bear to send him away with no hope.  He is more then ready for a family and it's going to hurt to send him back.  So very much.


  1. Ask Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity to cross post and advocate for him!!!

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  3. Hello,

    We are a family who is in process to adopt 2 children from Ukraine age 12 and under. Our agency is just about ready to send our dossier over to Ukraine. Does he have a sibling? Maybe it would be good to chat over e-mail?
    Mandy Thiessen


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