Sep 28, 2013

My lost baby

It's been over a year since I left Eastern Europe.  Over a year since I left that orphanage and the babies I met there.  The babies who were left waiting for families.

A family stepped up to adopt Vivvy before I even left the country and she made it home quickly.  A few months later a family committed to 'Jacob' and now he is safely home.  Kanani's continues to wait for an adoptive family (please pray for her, she is living in a mental institute currently). 

I slowly pushed the thought of the other babies I met to the back of my mind.  Focusing instead on helping the children I could help.  I figured it was to late for the other babies, that they would never get their chance at a family. 

I was wrong.  There is one more.  My lost baby.

The baby who has haunted me for the last year.  He has been given a chance.

Meet Royce
 photo RoyceKirill4_zpsc6f5869d.jpg
I've met him.

May 2012.  There was a stroller outside with the rest of the babies.  I walked over and peaked inside.  And that's when it happened, that's when I met him.  His bare arms and legs were stick thin.  He was two years old at the time but no where close to the size of a two year old.  His skin was soft as paper. His breathing was fast and raspy.  I leaned over and said hello, softly rubbing his leg.  He got worked up and started making grunting sounds with his mouth and moving his arms a little.  It was impossible to tell if he was starting to laugh or cry.  The nannies started glancing our way because of the commotion so I quickly blew him a kiss and moved away.  His stroller was pushed to the side and he was clearly not one of the favorite children there. 

And that was that.  It couldn't have been more than a couple minutes that I was with him.  But the memory of his skeleton legs have haunted me.  I have thought of him often.

There is good news and bad news.

The good news: An adoptive family was able to see him a few weeks ago and he is now listed for adoption.
The bad news: A year later and he is STILL just as small.  His arms and legs are still stick thin. He is now three years old. He urgently needs an adoptive family.
 photo RoyceKirill2_zpsae94162b.jpg
 photo RoyceKirill_zpsb0de5a36.jpg
My lost baby.  It's time for him to be found.
 photo RoyceKirill3_zpsde4d4b69.jpg


  1. Praying that he finds a family soon x x

  2. Prayers for a family to step up. May God hold him close.

  3. Prayers for a family to step up. May God hold him close.

  4. what a touching story...hope he finds a loving family soon

  5. Praying for this sweet one to findvhis 4ever family...

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I will make a donation and help spread the word about him.

    Sue - WI

  7. What country is he in? I really have no words. Thank you for sharing his story!
    Kristina- Houston, TX

  8. We are working hard to raise funds for Royce's adoption and looking into wether we can adopt him. His little picture is the wallpaper on my iphone and he is always in my prayers. His adoption grant is up to $1,474.20 now and, if we are to be his parents we will need to raise a lot more. So our eyes are fixed on a lofty goal. Please encourage support of our efforts through my blog at and lets get Royce home! Thanks.

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