Oct 18, 2013

Welcoming baby nephew #2

After being on 'high alert' for over a week, several false alarms and a roller coaster ride of a pregnancy.  I got the phone call while at work 

"She's at the hospital.  Baby is coming".

It was another hour before I could make my way back towards the city.  I may have made the commute back a little faster than it should have been.  *oops*  I detoured by my place to grab my camera and then it was on to the hospital. 

The next 3 hours were spent watching mind numbing TV.  outside this sign.
 photo IMG_20131016_192151_zps46a68d3f.jpg
Quicker than we all thought, he was here.

And we are all smitten.  And exhausted.  And a tiny bit consumed. 
 photo IMGP8236_zpsa1f602ad.jpg
Welcome to the world Asher. 
 photo IMG_20131018_115958_zps77fc4b7e.jpg
Congratulations Joylynn and Josh.  You made a good one.

So blessed to now be the Auntie of three beautiful babies.  

Oct 12, 2013

Double the money for Royce

"He is only getting maybe an ounce or two of formula by NG tube every feeding. He is aspirating really bad. He needs a G tube. He is the size of a 6 month old."
-An adoptive family who met Royce a few weeks ago

Royce has been overlooked for so long. He turned three years old last month. That is three years to long to live in an orphanage. Now is our chance to save his life. If we wait any longer it will be to late. His condition is not improving and he has less than a year at his baby orphanage before being transferred to the mental institute (read more about the institute, including pictures, here: The Reality #2). He is literally slowly starving and it will be 10x worse once he is transferred. He won't survive.

 photo RoyceKirill4_zpsc6f5869d.jpg
Thankfully people have started to notice this sweet baby.  He is no longer forgotten. 

Exciting right?

$250 Matching grant for Royce
For the next week every dollar donated towards his adoption will be doubled up to $250.  Once his grant reads $772 another $250 will be donated.  Putting his grant fund over $1,000.  Adoption is expensive, this money will help cover some of the adoption costs once a family commits to adopting him. 

(donate here and double your money!  tax deductible) http://reecesrainbow.org/57666/royce

grant fund amount: $522
Left to raise: $250

grant fund amount: $547
left to raise: $225

grant amount: $772
left to raise: $0

In ONE afternoon Royce's matching grant was met!!  Thank you!  

 photo RoyceKirill_zpsb0de5a36.jpg
If you can't donate, would you please consider sharing and praying for Royce?  You have no idea how big an impact simply sharing makes.  Trust me, it makes a difference. 

My lost baby.  Believing that he will be found and cherished in time.

Oct 7, 2013

I have the best job ever

"So what do you do?"
"I'm a domestic child aid.  So I support families who have children with special needs."
"Oh...well I guess you make good money so it's worth it"

I have had this conversation so many times in the last couple of weeks.  It always catches me off guard.  The truth is, it's not about the money.  It's not about the sweet hours.  It's not just a job I happened to get.  It's what I wanted.  

And this evening while making a quick trip to the park it hit me.  I really do have the best job ever.  Why wouldn't someone want this job?  Hide 'n seek.  Imagination.  Swings.  Slides.  Races.  Franklin books.  Laughter.  Progress.  Not just getting to know a specific child but the entire family and community.

I can't get over it.  I have the best job ever.  And it's awesome.
 photo IMG_20131007_194655_zps7e90e07d.jpg
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