Dec 7, 2013

2nd Home Day

"I love you!" she told me over the phone tonight.  "When are you coming home?" she asked.  In perfect English laced with her thick Bulgarian accent.

Today is her 2nd home day.  She has rocked my world. 
 photo IMGP8022_zps57fb52c8.jpg
I can't believe it's been two years.

For a little trip down memory lane (and for anyone who wasn't around when Gergana came home) check out these posts from the last two years.

-This is the Day. (the day we met)  
-First night with our Gem. (more detail about Gotcha day)
-And then we came home. (the trip back to Canada)

-Six months ago. (Six month home update)

-One year with my sister and Happy 1st Home Day. (our first complete year together)

It's been a crazy ride. One we are so thankful God brought us on.  We would have missed out on so much if we hadn't said 'yes' to her.  Our life was so boring before she came home.  Girl still has so much spirit.  


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