Feb 17, 2014

Life > the internet

It's a simple truth.  Or at least it seems simple. Either way, it's something I've come to hold on to during the last couple of months.

Live > the internet.

Sometimes blogging and social media takes a back seat on the priority list.

And that's okay.

Life and relationships will always be more important than the internet. I don't want to miss out on life because I am busy building a life on social media. It's been a learning process. However, I no longer panic when I realize I haven't updated my blog or posted some kind of witty status on facebook.

Instead of blogging I close my laptop and snuggle a baby.  And I don't regret it.
 photo IMGP9611-1_zps01000af7.jpg
If you want more regular updates instagram is the place to be. 


  1. How could you not put the laptop down with that little bundle of love?! Adorable! :)

  2. Your priorities are right in order, Joanna! Bless your heart!!

  3. oh so true! i'm always drawn away by using the internet that sometimes the people who are closest to me are blurred so that i can't see them. so so true, thank you!
    rainbows and dreams


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