Mar 17, 2014

I didn't pack my suitcases away

I moved a few weeks ago. I didn't move far, just to the other side of the city. But it was still a lot of work and meant I needed to pack up all my stuff to transport over to the new place. For about a week after the big move I was digging through boxes and finding new places to store things. You know how moving is.  It was a mess.

Finally my suitcases were empty again.

Our new place has a dark and deep crawl space for storage. It's was already a mess but I figured I would shove my suitcases in the back and be done with it.

Life changes. Plans change. Instead of packing my suitcases away in the crawl space for storage they are tucked away in the corner of my room.


Because soon enough I will be filling them back up.

 photo elove4_zpsc6230546.jpg
Ready or not, here I go.


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