Apr 29, 2014

Two weeks before I leave & I'm looking at the clouds

It was cold outside, freezing really.  The kids laughed at me as I huddled on the grass wearing my winter mittens. The wind was strong and the sun was hiding behind a sky full of clouds. My back was starting to hurt and my thoughts were going a mile a minute. That isn't always the best combination. It leads to restlessness and a need to 'get up and get things done'. 

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And just like in the cheesy stories and movies, I was suddenly blinded by light. I looked up and was greeted by a big blue sky full of sunlight and parting clouds.  Was it always there?  I know it sounds silly, and it really is.  But I had literally forgotten that the sky existed!  

It was huge!  And I couldn't wrap my mind around the clouds.  They seemed to go on forever with incredible amounts of fluffy-ness (is that a word?).  And get this, the clouds were moving! It was a major light bulb moment.  When was the last time I sat on the ground and just looked at the sky?  Years.  I remember so clearly spending hours doing just that when I was little.  However now I can't remember the last time I even noticed the clouds in the sky. 

It's sad how busy life has gotten. It's gotten so busy that even when I am sitting outside physically doing nothing my thoughts are running a mile a minute. I should never be so busy that I forget to notice a simple thing like the sky. I don't want to be that busy.

Yes, I'm leaving the country in two weeks.  Yes, I do need to get travel insurance and talk with my bank. Yes, I have about a million other things to do and think about. 

All of that can wait. If you need me, you can find me looking up.

"The Heavens delcare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Psalm 19:1

Apr 3, 2014

Yes it's true, I'm heading back to Uganda!

I didn't expect this.  I didn't plan it.

But it's happening.  I'm going back.

I'm a big ball of emotions over this. One minutes I'm praying for the time to go faster between now and leaving, and the next minute I'm wishing for a way out (which happens before every trip I go on).  Like I said, a big ball of emotions.  However I know for sure that God opened this door.  My job is to just be obedient and follow.  Even when I don't really understand all the details and reasons.

So in 40 days I'm taking off. I'll be spending the next couple of months working with Abide Family Center (check them out, they are awesome) and I'm super excited to be on the other end of orphan care, working to keep at risk families together in the first place. I'll be back in Canada the beginning of August.

So consider yourself warned Uganda, I'm coming back for you!

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