Apr 29, 2014

Two weeks before I leave & I'm looking at the clouds

It was cold outside, freezing really.  The kids laughed at me as I huddled on the grass wearing my winter mittens. The wind was strong and the sun was hiding behind a sky full of clouds. My back was starting to hurt and my thoughts were going a mile a minute. That isn't always the best combination. It leads to restlessness and a need to 'get up and get things done'. 

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And just like in the cheesy stories and movies, I was suddenly blinded by light. I looked up and was greeted by a big blue sky full of sunlight and parting clouds.  Was it always there?  I know it sounds silly, and it really is.  But I had literally forgotten that the sky existed!  

It was huge!  And I couldn't wrap my mind around the clouds.  They seemed to go on forever with incredible amounts of fluffy-ness (is that a word?).  And get this, the clouds were moving! It was a major light bulb moment.  When was the last time I sat on the ground and just looked at the sky?  Years.  I remember so clearly spending hours doing just that when I was little.  However now I can't remember the last time I even noticed the clouds in the sky. 

It's sad how busy life has gotten. It's gotten so busy that even when I am sitting outside physically doing nothing my thoughts are running a mile a minute. I should never be so busy that I forget to notice a simple thing like the sky. I don't want to be that busy.

Yes, I'm leaving the country in two weeks.  Yes, I do need to get travel insurance and talk with my bank. Yes, I have about a million other things to do and think about. 

All of that can wait. If you need me, you can find me looking up.

"The Heavens delcare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Psalm 19:1

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  1. I always love reading about your traveling adventures!


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