May 31, 2014

Hiking up a hill, walking through a palace

It doesn't matter how many times I've been to Uganda or how many places I think I've seen, there is always something new to discover and enjoy.

One of the greatest surprises of staying at Abide is how close it is to a killer view of Lake Victoria. 

A short (or longer if you're out of shape like I am) hike up from our compound and there you are. Looking out over Lake Victoria and the surrounding area. It's breath taking.  Not only that but on top of this hill stands a real life palace for the king of Busoga (the local Ugandan tribe).

 photo photo41_zps280a670b.jpg

This last week we had a missions team come and visit Abide.  And with the extra willing hands we were finally able to bring the children currently at the center up to see the view for themselves.  Babies were strapped to backs and we double checked that each child had their shoes on.  And off we went.

With the little legs the hike was [much] longer than expected.  The sun was hot and there were some tears on the way up.  However, once at the top we were greeted with the best surprise, a private visit in the kings palace. We had biscuits and juice on the porch.  Then we marveled at the view and the fairy tale looking staircase. 

 photo photo38_zpse46a2af1.jpg
 photo photo37_zpsabe41a78.jpg
The view was amazing. The breeze was glorious. but these children, they were the best part. They win. Always.
 photo photo39_zpsd428e96d.jpg

 photo photo36_zps23de345e.jpg
 photo photo40_zps0536e185.jpg

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