May 19, 2014

In the chaos they were calm

Today started with a bang.  While standing outside Abide Family Center's child development center one of the older children came up to me and said...

"Auntie Joanna, Teacher Nakato is not coming today."

Um, okay. 

What happened next can only be explained as pure chaos. It started with the realization that my Russian is better than my Lugandan.  It continued with children going nuts over new supplies and refusing their naps. 

Toys were flying across the room.  Children were flying across the room.  The one baby who is terrified of me showed up in the classroom.  It didn't take me long to realize that I needed help.  And I wasn't to proud to admit it.  

So into the office I went,  "Pastor Julius, do you mind translating for me for a little while?" To which I got the wonderful response "It's okay".

And the day was saved.  He translated and was the peace keeper between the children all day long.  While I helplessly tried to wrangle and entertain the remaining children.  Countless times today I found myself sheepishly looking over at one of the Ugandan staff mouthing "help me!" and they would smile, walk over and calm the situation right down.

Maybe one day I will be as skilled at calming these children down, but right now I still have so much to learn.  

Today I could not be more thankful for Abide's amazing Ugandan staff.
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