Jun 5, 2014

The rain fell down

The sun was shining.  The rain from the night before was quickly drying, turning it into a hot and muggy day. The kids were getting restless waiting for lunch and everyone was a bit sleepy.

All of those facts made it the perfect day to let the kids loose with some water play. 

As the children finished their rice and beans, we gathered all the stray basins from around the compound and filled them up with water. 

 photo photo44_zpse0e41e3d.jpg

We were just finishing filling the last couple of basins when we heard a loud crashing noise.  We looked up to see a quickly approaching rain cloud. One minute the sky was clear and blue, the next minute it was dark and the babies were running from the thunder. 

 photo photo43_zps24d61cf8.jpg

Instead of calling off the activity we decided to just let the kids at it.  They were going to get wet anyway, right?  Might as well risk the chance of rain.

As soon as the children jumped in the bins the skies opened and the rain fell down.

It poured.  It was perfect.

 photo photo45_zps3c468ccf.jpg

The children screamed and giggled.  They splashed each other until they were shivering from the cold.

These children are great. 

It was one of those moments you can't forget.
 photo photo42_zps2999366f.jpg
::To see a video of our crazy water experience head over to Instagram::

The day was a success.  And now we all can't wait for our next #waterplaywednesday at Abide Family Center! 
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