Aug 23, 2014

Catching the trade winds

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. 
Explore. Dream. Discover." 
Mark Twain


It's not official until I have plane tickets booked (which I don't yet) but it's as official as it's going to get until that moment. I'm going back to Uganda.  I'll be heading back sometime in January to work with Abide Family Center for a year.  A year people! I'm super excited and can't wait to be back there.

But believe it or not, the decision to go back wasn't an easy one. Sure I can't seem to stay away from Uganda, but when it came down to it, did I really want to spend a year away from my family?  Did I really want to delay finishing school by a year?  Did I really want to leave my friends and comfortable room?

After praying and looking at all the options for awhile I did not feel God calling me specifically back to Uganda. Crazy right?  I felt perfectly at peace which ever way I decided.  I could come back to Canada, and God would be there.  I could go back to Uganda, and God would be there.  I honestly didn't feel God leading me in one direction or the other.  What did I want to do with my life?  How did I want to spend my time?  The choice was up to me.

Once I had figured that out, the decision seemed obvious.  Which one would I regret not doing?  And the simple answer was Uganda.  If I didn't go back to Uganda I would regret it.  Almost everyday. I know I would. Life in Uganda is not easy or romantic. It's hard and messy and fulfilling. And I would regret not being apart of that hard and messy life.

I don't want to live life with regrets.  So I'm going back. And I can't wait.

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  1. Such GREAT news! So very excited for you! Can't wait to follow along. :-)


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