Jan 28, 2015

When children can't stay with their families

I see the scars.  

I feel the ribs sticking out.

I hear the words "Mom told me she wanted to kill me with a panga [Machete]".

Abide Family Center is about family preservation.  We work hard to keep children in their families through business classes, parenting classes, free childcare and emergency housing. We pour time and resources into our caregivers and their children, working overtime to help them reach their full potential. 

We have helped over 70 families stay together.  Success stories are plenty and I see redemption around me everyday. I see it in the smiling faces of our caregivers and children. I believe in families.

But sometimes children can't stay in their families.

Sometimes you can't make a family work.  Even after spending months showing unconditional support and spending endless resources. Sometimes things go downhill so quickly you aren't sure how it could get this bad.  Sometimes you have to say enough.  We are a child protection agency and we will protect the children in our programs above anything else. 

Sorry, but not sorry, we are not turning our backs on abuse of any kind. 

Please keep this situation in your prayers as we move onward to get these children into a safe place.  They are beyond special and deserve so much better.  Seeing children you care about in this situation is heartbreaking.  I won't be able to rest easy until I know they are safe. 
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