Mar 16, 2015

Clawing through a brick wall

Sometimes life is hard.  Sometimes life in a foreign country fighting for Justice is even harder.

You spend all day, every day, clawing through a brick wall of injustice with your bare hands. You are fighting for justice. Fighting for peoples lives.  Fighting every day, all day and all you want is to see one tiny crack in that brick wall of injustice.  One tiny glimpse of hope.  One success story. One thing to go your way.

Right when you think you are making progress, when you think maybe you see the start of a crack in that wall, another stone is added to the top and you lose all your progress.  The tears fall and you can't catch your breathe. You are so tired.

At that moment, when you can't go on any longer, you look down and notice your hands.

Your hands that at one time were rough and raw have miraculously changed. You would think that with all the clawing your hands would be calloused and bruised, But no. The callouses are gone and in their place your hands are soft and smooth. They've transformed.

As the tears dry on your face you realize something.  You realize that taking down the brick wall was never the goal in the first place.  Sure you'll occasionally make a crack or bring down a pebble, and that will be reason to celebrate.  But the real victory is the change that happens in you, smoothing out your rough edges. Taking down your callouses. Transforming you into a newer, stronger person right before your eyes.

And that victory will be enough to keep you going at that brick wall.

One moment at a time.

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