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So hold on a minute.  This is kind of confusing.  If this is your first time here it might be even more confusing.  People who I know in real life or have known online for years still get confused.  I'm still confused.

My name's Joanna. I'm kind of young.  Canadian.  Christian.  An introvert.  I believe that you need to eat something until you are sick of it before you can actually stop eating that specific food.  I'm still not sick of chocolate or Doritioes.  I tried jogging...once.  Now that you know that let's move on.

This blog started in 2010 before my first trip to Uganda.  Since that initial trip I have been back to Uganda three more time.  Teaching preschool at an orphanage for 3 months (where I had some of the craziest adventures and met the sweetest people).  Another quick short missions trip that was a complete surprise.  And most recently (May-June 2013) visiting various orphanages and living life with several missionary friends.  Connecting children with special needs with therapy and reuniting with some of my favorite little guys (Joseph and E)

Between all those trip to Uganda I also discovered this crazy hard and rewarding experience of providing child care to adoptive families.  These families were all adopting internationally and needed someone to watch their children while they traveled over seas to finish the adoption of there newest children. I was in Pennsylvania with one family (Where the kids flooded a bathroom and wrecked the house), Utah with this family (where we watched way to much Yo Gaba Gaba) and Pennsylvania again with another awesome family (where we survived a hurricane). Oh, and I went to Ukraine with another family.  I watched their daughter and carried their bags and in return they bought me yummy chocolate and let me sleep on the couch.  Being a part of these adoptions are still some of my best memories.

My family also adopted my sister from Bulgaria in 2011.  She was 9 years old when she came home.  You can read more here: Bulgarian adoption, Older child adoption and life after adoption.  We also hosted a 10 year old orphan from Ukraine summer 2013 and we still miss him everyday.  

Are you confused yet? 

I'm passionate.  About what?  Children living in mental institutes (yes it does happen!  And I know a little girl who is living in one right now) is high on my list.

Life is short.  We might as well spend it making a difference. 

“But God doesn't call us to be comfortable. He calls us to trust Him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if He doesn't come through.” 
― Francis Chan

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